3 Circumstances When It's Imperative To Replace Your Automotive Batteries

Your automotive batteries are crucial because they help power the ignition system, enabling your engine to start. Hence, you should always ensure that you inspect the condition of your battery as you service the other parts of your vehicle. However, your battery might die due to old age, poor maintenance, or bad habits. For example, leaving your car lights on for a long time might kill your battery. Making many short trips might also prevent your battery from charging, straining the system.

How Does Your Towing Company Decide Which Truck To Send?

If you're not part of the towing industry, you might think that all tow trucks are the same. However, numerous trucks exist for many specialized purposes, ranging from off-road recovery to heavy-duty towing. The best truck for the job may not always be apparent, even when dealing with everyday passenger vehicles. When you call for a tow, the dispatcher will ask you several questions on the phone. These questions help them determine the best truck to send to your location, but how do they choose?