Three Things You Need To Know About Transmission Repair

If this is the first time you have ever owned a car, or you are a teen driver, and you are faced with transmission repair, there are a few things you should know. Take your car to a transmission repair specialist. Expect it to cost a lot and budget ahead. Finally, you should also know all of the following about cars, transmissions, and transmission repairs.

Transmissions Are Complicated

Transmission systems are one of the most complicated systems in a car. This is even more true if you drive a standard, or "stick shift," because of the clutch and gear release. If your car needs transmission repair, you are not going to get your car back in one day. That is how complicated this system is.

You Will Need to Find Alternate Transportation for up to a Week

Depending on how far behind the shop is in its work orders, you could be without a car for at least a week. All of those customers ahead of you have transmissions that have to be pulled out, dismantled, fixed, and put back together before their cars are repaired. That time-consuming job on each vehicle means that each one will be at least two to three days' worth of work for a mechanic.

Then it is multiplied by the number of transmission repair requests each mechanic in the shop to which he/she has been assigned. If you can get by without a car for that long, fine. If not, it is a good idea to find alternate transportation and expect to use it for awhile.

The Mechanic Could Uncover Other Issues with Your Transmission

Most people assume that a transmission problem only affects one part of the system. Unfortunately, your entire transmission system could be shot completely, and that means that you would have to replace it to the tune of a couple grand. If the mechanic uncovers other serious problems with your transmission, you want to be sure that he/she does not just go ahead and replace your transmission without your permission.

When you take your car into the shop, like Karry's Automotive Service Center, let the mechanic know what your limit is. If you do not want to spend more than a thousand dollars fixing the transmission, have the mechanic call you with a repair estimate before moving forward with repairs or a complete replacement of the transmission. Older cars that can be replaced for the cost of a new transmission may signal you that it is time to let go of this vehicle.