5 Features To Look For When Buying A Class B RV For Your Family

Class B recreational vehicles, usually the smallest of the three classes, can be a good choice for weekend use or even long trips because they are often easier to park than their larger counterparts and get better gas mileage. However, because of their smaller size, many people think of class B RVs as RVs for singles or couples, not for an entire family. But if you plan for your RV to be usable as your children grow and make sure to look for family-friendly features, then a class B RV can be an excellent choice for family adventures. Below are a few of the features you need to make sure to look for if you want to use your class B RV for three or four people. 

Enough Sleeping Space 

Many class B RVs only offer two or three sleeping spaces in the vehicle. While this may be adequate if you have a family of three, you may want to consider whether your child will want to bring a friend with them or if you intend to expand your family while you have your RV. Another thing to consider is that while you might feel comfortable sharing a king-size bed with your toddler or small child, you may want them to have their own, separate sleeping berth as they get older. 

Some common class B solutions for extra sleeping berths involve installing foldaway bunk beds along one wall or buying a mattress that converts the front seats into an extra sleeping berth. 

An Awning to Extend Your Living Space 

An awning can expand your living space, making a smaller RV comfortable for more people. Although you can install an aftermarket awning on your vehicle, the installation can be tricky and less secure than an awning that is made to fit your specific vehicle, so it is recommended that you buy an RV with an awning that you like. To make your awning space even more comfortable, you can look for an RV with a table that folds out from its side. Also, depending on the area you intend to use the RV, you may want mosquito netting attached to the awning to create a screened porch area for your RV.  

Extra Storage 

With a family of three or four, you will have more clothes, toys, and supplies. For example, you may need to attach four bikes to your RV instead of just two and you may need space for four large bags beneath or inside your RV. You should look for plenty of storage that is easily accessible. Additionally, you may want a roof rack for storing bikes, kayaks, or other large items. 

Solar Power Options

If you are taking the whole family on vacation, one or more of you may need or want to access your telephone, tablet, or laptop while you are travelling. Tablets can be entertaining for children while you are driving long distances. A solar charger installed on your roof will allow your family members to charge their electronics enough to use them throughout your vacation. 

Forward Facing Seats for the Whole Family 

If anyone in your family gets carsick, you may want to look into forward facing seats. Ideally, you will find an RV with three or four captain chairs that allow all family members to travel safely and comfortably. However, if some family members have to ride on a sofa, make sure it is a forward facing sofa as opposed to a side-facing sofa to help reduce motion sickness. 

A class B RV can be a good family vehicle, especially for short trips, so keep these features in mind when you check out class B RVs for sale.