Tips For Selecting The Right Semi-Truck

If you're shopping for your first semi-truck, the excitement will likely be replaced by an overwhelming feeling as you start to see all of the options available to you. Even if you're shopping for a used truck and cannot custom-order the ride you want, there are some things that you'll want to look for. Here are a few common features to consider so that you get the best rig for your needs.

Considering the Aero Features

The aerodynamics of your truck will have a significant effect on what you pay in fuel while you're on runs. You'll want to look at the body lines carefully before you make a choice. For example, the smoother the lines along the cab and the side mirrors, the easier it will be for air to flow around the cab. This reduces the wind resistance, thus decreasing fuel consumption.

Evaluating the Fuel Mileage

Don't invest in a semi-truck until you've evaluated the mileage rating for the engine. That rating will tell you what you can expect for fuel consumption. The newer the model you can afford, the better your chances are of getting decent fuel mileage, even in a used truck.

Assessing the Engine Size

When you're assessing the engine of the truck, consider the torque, horsepower and engine displacement carefully. Don't invest in a truck that isn't going to have enough power to haul the loads you expect that you'll be transporting. At the same time, it's unnecessary to buy a truck with an engine larger than you'll need, because the excess power may lead to increased and unnecessary fuel consumption.

Recognizing Your Driving Style

In addition to the actual features of the truck, you should also consider how your driving style affects the rig you choose. If you're going to spend a lot of time on long hauls and driving interstates, you won't need to be quite as concerned about having highly-detailed gear choices and a transmission that can handle repeated shifting. If your runs are more local, you're going to want a more durable and versatile transmission to hold up to the demand.

Avoiding Interior Color Problems

Don't let the interior colors of the truck discourage you. Even if you can't find a truck that has the perfect interior colors, it's not a big worry. Carpeting and seat upholstery can be changed easily. Not only could you remove the existing upholstery and install it all new, but you could even cover some of it with small, removable carpets and seat covers. You might even find that the removable options are better, because they'll be easier to wash and keep clean, which is important when you're on the road a lot and dragging dirt and debris into the truck.

Looking for Storage Space

With the amount of time you'll spend in the cab, it's important that you have some of the conveniences of home. For example, look for space where you can put a small refrigerator and mount a travel-sized microwave. That way, you can make some of your own meals instead of relying on truck stop foods and convenience stores. In addition, consider having a power inverter installed so that you can use phone chargers and plug in small appliances. You might even find that you want a portable television with a DVD player so you can watch movies while you're on your mandatory down time between runs.

With so many things to think about, it's no surprise that many new semi-truck shoppers get overwhelmed. With the tips here and the help of a semi-truck sales shop, such as Arrow Truck Sales, you'll be in a good position to get the truck that you need.